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Learning Curve

I don’t like writing and being new to the blogging scene has presented a challenge. I like to create things with my hands more than with my words. Even when I was in college I didn’t like writing papers. Give me a test over an essay any day. What I’ve chosen to do with my life has changed now so I have no other choice but to force myself to blog more than once a month. In addition to writing more I’ve been learning how to take better photos to post on this blog. Right now I only have a Canon Power Shot 6 mega pixel digital camera, which works well enough until I can get my hands on a better camera. My husband owns a much better camera (there is no way that I could tell you what it is) and can take some beautiful pictures. He’s been able to show me a few tricks that have improved the pictures that I’ve taken. The difference between a well done picture and one that you didn’t try that hard is so crucial to how a product looks to a potential customer. I’m learning all of the little tricks and tips that everyone has already learned. Hopefully I can figure everything out without wanting to chunk my camera against the wall!

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