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Genghis Grill Vs. HuHot

Tonight my best friend I decided to try out the Mongolian restaurant Genghis Grill in Rogers. We had both been to HuHot in Fayetteville, which is also a Mongolian restaurant, and had the same expectations of how our dining experience was going to be. Sadly is was not. The food was actually good, but the selection wasn’t that big. They didn’t have near as many choices in sauces as HuHot does and you can’t mix the sauces. After we were seated (by a young man that didn’t seem to be aware of the fact that he was standing where I needed to sit) our waiter found out that we had not been there before and took us immediately to get our one bowl of food without even offering anything else to eat. At HuHot you can go back for as many plates as your stomach can take. From what we could tell from the menu, they only had three appetizers to choose and nothing else available for dinner. I ended up spending more money for less food and a horrible dinning experience. I don’t know if my sights were so high that I was severely disappointed or if was bad, but I will not be going back to Genghis Grill again!

One thought on “Genghis Grill Vs. HuHot

  1. I disagree I tried huhut for the 1st time and I was very disappointed! genghis had great bowls to stuff your food and their meats are flavored huhut I felt was very generic

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