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Slight Hiccup

So this past Tuesday was a big mixture of emotions for me. My good friend Logan over at http://www.melodicbread.com/ got me set up with my own website. I feel so official now! (Still trying to get everything figured out.) But the rejoicing didn’t last for long. I had turned off my computer off and decided that I needed to look at something else before going bed. As soon as I turn it on I see the dreaded blue screen of death! Anybody that knows anything about computers knows that sinking feeling that you get whenever you see that light sky blue color all over your computer screen. Needless to say I was pretty mad because I had just purchased the Toshiba laptop from Best Buy in March, but thankfully it was still under warranty. During my lunch break on Wednesday I took to the Geek Squad to see what they could do for me. I was nice and calm during my return even though I was praying that they could actually fix the problem. They said that it would take them three days to find out what had caused the blue screen and then call me whenever it was check to tell me what to do next. So expecting to get a call on Saturday(Today) I went about my normal routine only slightly miffed that the only situation happened in the first place. I was surprised however whenever I got a call on Thursday afternoon that it was finished and ready for me to pickup. As soon as I got off of work I headed straight to Best Buy to find out that diagnosis for my compy. The tech said that the hard drive was fine (which would have been covered by the warranty) but it was a possible issue with the software or windows. I was going to have to pay $200 for them to even look to see what the issue actually was. I don’t really care about having tech service for a whole year on three computers, I just want my computer fixed. All that to say, My husband is a genius! He talked to the tech over the phone just to make sure of what the problem was and had me buy a $10 flash drive so he could just put Windows 8 back on to my laptop. I lost everything that I had on here, but it’s ok because it wasn’t that important. Now I am back up and running and have a back up copy of windows just in case my computer ever decides to blue screen on my again.

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