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Back on the Band Wagon!

Sorry about the long pause in blogging. After all of the craft show’s I’ve been to, I just needed to relax. My car still has stuff in it from the last craft show which was on October 19th. There is no rush at all to get it cleaned out! My best friend, Michelle, and her husband recently purchased their first house. And as I am still living in an apartment with my husband, I have a bad case of house fever. Thankfully we have gotten to paint the walls in our apartment so it hasn’t been that bad. I would love to be able to redo the cabinets, paint the trim, and add shelves and a bar to hang clothes on in our little laundry room. Right now Josh and I aren’t quite ready for that kind of a financial commitment. That doesn’t stop me from looking though! It’s just like a girl planning out her wedding before she has a boyfriend, right? I’d like to get a house that just needs a little TLC. A lot of the houses that I’ve looked at online seem to need updated more than anything else. Why was wood paneling ever cool? I asked my mom this question because she was around in the 70’s. She said that people wanted it in their homes because it looked expensive and you could get it in different colors. There are a lot of tutorials on how to paint over that paneling and I have definitely repined those on Pinterest.

I can’t believe that October is gone! I guess the only thing that I really care about in October is my birthday, which is on the 6th, so anything else after that kind of gets pushed to the back burner. Now all of the count downs begin to Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years. It’s just crazy how much of our time gets wasted around the holidays. I know that I could go into a rant about the holidays, but I’ll save that for a later time. J I do love the weather during this season though. (Except for the rain that we always manage to get.) Here in the Ozarks it’s so beautiful because of the leaves changing colors. The Oak trees turned first this year and they were so pretty. Autumn also lets me wear scarves and people don’t look at you weird like they would if you wore a scarf in the summer. Hopefully this year we’ll actually have the autumn season. Last year it blew by so fast. (ßSee what I did there!) Maybe this year I’ll do some fall photography with friends.
Yummy cherry pie!


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