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Writer’s Block

I’m still struggling with what to blog about. During my freshman semester in college my roommates gave me some advice on how to write a paper. They said that if the topic was about cats then you write everything you know
about cats. You write about how you had a cat whenever you were a kid and a story involving that cat. You write about cats in other countries and any history surrounding them. Basically you fill your paper with enough crap(pardon my language) that will make your paper long enough.
Well that’s all well in good, but I never had to write a story about cats and I don’t really want to bore your with random cat facts. So what I am to talk about? My life isn’t very thrilling at the moment. I do have a storm chaser for a husband and not everybody can say that. (Which I’m very proud of him and you should totally check out his website!) Northwest Arkansas Storm Chasing
← Shameless Plug! :)
Maybe I can talk about the nerdy things in my life; My love for just about anything related to the Lord of the Rings, or may I can compare vampires and my thoughts on each type, possibly even bring up how I wish that BBC made more than just three episodes a series(that’s a season here in the US) of Sherlock.

I think that I’ve finally figured what I can talk about! :)


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