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This year I get the chance to go to the gaming convention GenCon in Indianapolis Indiana. The last time that I went to GenCon was ten years ago. Back then I was really into the Lord of the Rings Trading Card Game and it was pretty big then too. I got to compete in tournaments, get signatures from the game makers, and just be a big nerd and geek out about everything. Now that it’s ten years later I’m not as in to LOTR-TCG as I used to be but I’m still a big nerd and intend to geek out about everything!

I enjoy cosplaying (which is dressing up like a character from a show, game, or movie). Since I’ve been playing a lot of the game Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, I thought that I could cosplay as my own character from the game. And being the creative type that I am, I had to pick a very complicated costume to make. It doesn’t help that I’m slightly a perfectionist whenever it comes to this kind of stuff. I started to work on it and was getting a lot done, but then we let a friend live with us and since we live in a two bedroom apartment guess what room he got…My craft room! (He has now moved out.) So now that four months have past since I last worked on my costume and only a month away from GenCon, I’m having to go into beast craft mode.

I chose to use craft foam for this project because of it’s lightweight material and it’s ability to be molded by heat. This is my first time using craft foam for something of this magnitude. Most of the tutorials that I could find were either not what I was needing or just not that good of a tutorial. What that meant for me was that I was on my own with trying to figure out how to make my armor. Yay for learning as you go! I might have to make a tutorial of my own when I’m done with everything. Here are some pictures of everything I’ve done so far. Sorry for the quality these are just from my phone.

Here’s what the costume is supposed to look like.

<a href="https://m

20140716-093128-34288769.jpg size-full” />
Basic pattern.

Torso Piece with snaps.

Breastplate and Torso Piece snapped together.

Gauntlets front and back.



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