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Pin of the Week #1 -Turkey Hummus Wrap

Pin of the Week

I have decided to try something new. Since I’m on Pinterest pretty much everyday, I thought that it would be cool to bring you guys a Pin of the Week. This would be something that I have either found that week or something that I’ve already pinned to my boards. By doing a weekly pin I hope to let you know why I was drawn to that particular thing, if I tried a recipe and what I thought of it, and if it’s something that can be made possibly a tutorial of how I made it. This is also to make me start to write more :)

Kicking off this first post we have…
A Healthy Turkey Hummus Wrap.

20140723-144026-52826700.jpgThis is a great lunch meal that can fill you up. Just looking at the picture makes me want to have one! You have to be careful if you’re using cucumbers because they tend to “leak”. It’s ok if you make it that morning and eat it at lunch, but I do not suggest making it up the night before. You can easily use avocados instead of cucumbers. I love this lunch because of all of the flavors that are brought together. You can use a different type of hummus if you want since they make so many now. Here’s the link to My Pin
And the link to
My San Francisco Kitchen which is the original site. Hope you guys enjoy this healthy lunch. Come back next week and I’ll have a new pin for you to check out!


Credit for this Pin and pictures goes to My San Francisco Kitchen www.mysanfranciscokitchen.com

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