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VBS 2014

VBS is upon us once again. This year I’ve been given the wonderful opportunity to be able to help out with Vacation Bible School at Elmdale Baptist Church.

20140728-201552-72952684.jpgOur theme this year is Weird Animals and they are weird! I think that they found the most crazy animals that they could find and then made them into animated creatures. The Leafy Sea-Dragon is probably my favorite.

I also got the help with the decorating before VBS started. Each station that the kids go to has a different theme. The room that I did the most work in was the underwater room.

20140728-200755-72475452.jpg They had made fish out of paper lanterns, jellyfish out of shower caps and ribbon, and they had blown up pool fish floaties that we had hung from the ceiling. There’s also a jungle room, the main sanctuary has a giant waterfall in it(it’s all paper of course), and where we’re doing the games there’s a lovely forest. There a lot of kids from last year here this year and it’s cool that they remember me. Being able to see these kids learn about Christ and make the decision to follow Him is amazing and it truly a blessing. Because we’re in charge of the games this week I hope that I’ll have the energy to keep going. Having to work a full day on top of everything doesn’t help either, but it is worth it!

I’ve also been blogging on this site for a year now! :D hopefully I’ll be able to keep it up!


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