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This past weekend I went to GlitchCon in Springdale. This is my first time at this particular con, and I thought that it was pretty cool. I didn’t really get a chance to go into a lot of the panels of play any games…mainly because I was testing out my Nightingale costume to see how well it worked and to see what all I needed to still work on. I was excited about the number of people that recognized what my cosplay was and thought that I had done a good job on it! I had planned to enter the costume contest on Saturday but failed to realize that you had to pre-reg on Friday, which I did not. But they did let me walk across the stage and show my costume off!

Nighingale Armor

I have sadly found out how hot my costume is. Foam does not breath very well! I’m going to have to figure out how to make a cooling system of type or just buy one of those sports shirts that help to keep you cool. My wonderful parents have offered to help me figure of the problem areas of my costume this week, which I so will be taking them up on. (And the offer of a free meal doesn’t hurt either.) The detailing work that I did on the costume turned out pretty well I think. My costume is mainly comprised of hot glue though.

GlitchCon would have been more fun for me if I had a friend with me. And I’m not trying to guilt trip any of my friends for not coming and hanging out with me! Be the still shy homeschooled kid that I still kinda am, I didn’t really want to sit down at a table full of people that I don’t know and jump into a game. Yes I know that I’m going to GenCon and there will be even less people that I am likely to know, but I’m away from my home town and am forced to interact with others. It’s like a survival instinct….sorta. It does make me sad thinking that for some people this is that they live for; dressing up and going to conventions. They may not have a good home life or family and friends that love them like God intended because they seem to be clinging on to anime or gaming or something because they’re looking to those things to fill that place in their hearts. I’m not saying that being into things like anime and gaming is a bad thing, but I do know that whenever you let it consume all of your time and focus, it’s taking the focus way from the Him who matters and deserves all of your attention.


Didn’t mean for this post to take that turn, but I’m glad that it did!

553481_10200280393109488_728723542_n Also…Today is Josh and I’s two year anniversary! Yay!! (Does little happy dance) I couldn’t be happier because I am with the man I love, and it doesn’t hurt that he’s the one that God gave me! Josh is working so hard to make a good life for us, and I am so incredible proud of him! He’s starting school up again tomorrow at the University of Phoenix and hopefully at by the beginning of 2017 he will have a bachelors degree in Information Technology. And a minor in something that I can’t seem to remember at the moment. :)


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