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Pin of the Week #3 -EcoZoom Stove

Pin of the Week

This week I have chosen as my P.O.T.W. to feature an amazing tool. It’s the Eco-Zoom cook stove.


This little outdoor cook stove is amazing if you don’t want to have to turn on your giant stove to cook something or if the power is out at your house and you still want a warm meal. All you need for fuel is sticks! Yep, just a little bit of wood will get your pretty far with this thing. Just last night I got to have dinner that was cooked on the EcoZoom.

20140805-220206-79326720.jpg Dad made me some delicious deer meat tacos with fresh tomatoes and peppers from the garden. Soo good! :)

The area around my parent’s house is not short on sticks, twigs, and small branches to keep this stove going. My dad has even purchased the bigger version to be able to cook more food at the same time. I think that this is a great tool have, even if you aren’t getting ready for the zombie apocalypse!
I added this pin to my Camping board and here’s the actual website for this awesome energy saving stove.


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