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Pin Of The Week #6 -Fish Fingers ‘n’ Custard

Pin of the Week

Hello nerdy friends and not so nerdy friends,

As some of you know last weekend was the series (season) premier of the British TV show Doctor Who. I’m just going to preface this post by saying that I am going to be writing based on the fact that everyone has seen more than 5 episodes of Doctor Who and understands what I’m talking about. If you end up getting confused by this post I am sorry, I’m so sorry!

In honor of the newest regeneration of the Doctor, I decided to make a dessert based off of the iconic dish of Fish Fingers and Custard from whenever the 11th Doctor first appeared.

IMG_4195.JPGFor us Americans, Fish Fingers and Custard is really Fish Sticks and Pudding, which is super gross sounding so I chose to go at it from a different angle. Thanks to Darla over at Bakingdom for this awesome recipe and beautiful pictures. I was rushed with the making of this dessert because I’m bad at time management so it didn’t look as well put together as her pictures show. And my “fish finger” cookies ended up looking like actual fingers rather than sticks, but they still tasted good. Especially whenever you dip them in the vanilla pudding.

I am excited about this newest Doctor and they’ll do things since this is a new regeneration. Will they make it so that this is the first regeneration of many, or will it truly be the last Doctor? Only some wibbily wobbly timey wimey stuff will tell what will happen. I’m still working on my TARDIS cross stitch project, but I need to figure out what else to add to it. Maybe a funny quote or the Doctor’s name in Gallifreyan. Who knows! :)



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