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A Four Day Weekend

This Labor Day weekend I felt like I was very productive. Our second bedroom in our apartment is also my craft room and my husband’s office. Really Josh’s office consists on a desk and a small drawer thing, and my craft space kinda has surrounded him. Now that GenCon is over and I don’t have to have craft foam all over the place, I really don’t have an excuse to still have a messy craft room. I went through and cleaned out the junk I didn’t need, and tried to organize everything else. I ended up finding a table at the Potter’s House Thrift Shop in Fayetteville for less that four dollars! Yeah, I was pretty happy. I was then able to move things around enough to give myself a great work space while free up the room around Josh so he wouldn’t feel so closed in. I love having the space to work on things.

My best friend has pushed me to actually open up my Etsy shop. If all things go according to plan, my Meister’s Productions Etsy shop will be open in about a month’s time. I’ve started to make some more things for the shop as well. I just have to figure out what things people will actually buy. It’s a little harder to figure out because it’s not like it’s a local craft fair where people aren’t looking to buy a tiny TARDIS in a necklace (Which turned out really good), it’s open to everyone in the world. You kinda can’t plan for what the whole world wants to buy, only hope. TARDIS Bottled Necklace

Now that I’m through with watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer on Netflix, I feel like I can be slightly more productive. But today I really just chilled out and did nothing; I did make some amazing white chili though. This coming up weekend Josh and I are heading up to Kansas City to see some family. Sadly the Ikea store will open up next Wednesday, when we’re not there. Looks like we might have to make another trip before too long. :)


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