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Pin Of The Week #7 -First Aid

Pin of the Week

As most of you know, I have not reached parenthood yet. So this P.O.T.W isn’t necessarily something that I would use, but it can still be helpful if you don’t have kids.

I give you…The Ouch Pouch.

What you see before you is a new take on the classic first aid kit. Yes, you could just carry around a zip lock bag with some band-aids and anti-biotic cream, but this is really cute! It’s a lot smaller than having to haul around that giant, clunky first aid kit that probably has more stuff then you’ll actually need or ever use. This way you can just fill with the essentials and throw it into the diaper bag, purse, or in your car! Just remember to refill it after you’ve used something. :)


Add this to your own Pinterest Board. → Here!

Want to buy one for yourself? Check out The Ouch Pouch Shoppe’s Etsy page. → Here!

Want to just make your own? Cutest Little Things blog post has some great tips. → Here!

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