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Pin of the Week #8 -Journaling

Pin of the Week

This week I have chosen to go with some fun journaling pins. Do you remember whenever you were a kid and had a diary or something that you wrote everything in. I kept several journal through out my teen years much like the Ameila books by Marissa Moss. She would use a normal composition notebook and not only journal, but draw pictures, add ticket stubs, flowers, and other stuff which I thought was really cool at the time. It inspired me to do that with my own diaries. Now that I’m older I seem to have lost the desire to write about what’s going on in my life. Mostly because I do the same thing everyday and don’t think that’s interesting enough to write about. But enough about how I’ve become a boring adult! Today I would like to inspire you and myself to get back into journaling or even scrapbooking.

Since I could just pick one pin for this, you guys get access to my entire Journaling Board! There are a few pins about Project Life scrapbooking, about using predetermined journal sheets that you can write in, and about how you can make a wrecked journal. I really liked the idea of the Project Life stuff because it doesn’t feel like it’s as much pressure as a giant scrapbook page. You can do small bits of journaling with it and it still looks cool. I was about to purchase some of the Project Life products at Hobby Lobby and started doing my own thing with it. I also like the kind of journals that already have the days written down and all you have to do is write something or draw something. But the problem that I’ve found with that is I get bored and stop journaling every day, again, because I’m boring adult that does the same thing pretty much everyday and it’s not something that I would want to go back and read. I want to do something for my kids whenever they get here (which still won’t be for a good long while). I just have to find something that I won’t get tired of doing. I just have this feeling that I’ll make something for my first child and any other children that come after I won’t keep as good of a record with them… but hopefully that won’t be the case.

I heard that if you’re trying to get into a good habit of writing and you don’t really have anything to write about then you pick something that happened that day and talk about it. The trick is to not just say, I drove to work and saw a couple of kids playing at a park, you do is expound on that. You can talk about the size of the playground and what type of adventures the kids might be having there. You can say how much you enjoyed playing at the park whenever you were a kid; or if you have children of your own, how much you love seeing them play. I guess what I need to take away from this post is that just because I do the same thing Monday through Friday doesn’t mean that I don’t’ have anything to write about….definitely need to take my own advice! haha





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