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What does it mean to be Beautiful.

This past week I was invited to attend a Mary Kay makeover party. I actually thought that I was just going to be getting a makeover or I was going to be a model for something, I should not have assumed.

(I would like to say up front that I do not mean to offend anybody by what I am about to say. If you are offended I am sorry, but there are just my thought on the matter.) I am not that big on wearing makeup. Growing up I never really learned (or wanted to learn) the proper techniques or exactly what I’m supposed to use or any of that. Slowly I did manage to pick up the basics and have learned what works best for me. I’m still pretty basic with what I do. Liquid Foundation, Power Foundation, Eyeliner (on the waterline), Eye-shadow, and Mascara. That’s it! I don’t use primer (though I think that I’m gonna start at least doing that), moisturizers, and I certainly don’t use any age deifying creams(yet at least). As an adolescent my completion was very oily. I broke out a lot and wasn’t very confident about my skin and how I looked. Sadly that’s something that girls (and guys I’m sure) face as they grow up and carry into their adult lives. I recently have been able to accept that I am Beautiful. I’ve never gotten a tattoo to remind myself of that. It’s right on my wrist so I won’t forget it, even though I still have self confidence issues. Now that I’ve gotten older and thankfully grown out of the majority of my break-out stage, my skin is a lot clearer and not as oily. Which is ok because that means that it’s never dry. Moisturizing is only something that I feel that I need to do whenever I’m the last human (Doctor Who reference).


The makeover itself was enjoyable and I thought that I looked very pretty; I almost felt like I didn’t have any makeup on. But then came the part that, to me, wasn’t very enjoyable…they try to get you to buy something. I was strong and managed to not buy anything right then. I even tried to use math (which I’m not good at) to talk my way out of buying the products. That didn’t work. The lady that invited me to the party, that was also a consultant, was very shocked whenever I told her that I don’t do any other face cleaner products other than face wash when I take a shower. I end up going to be with my make up still on. Well…I say still on, but it’s probably mostly off at the end of the day anyway. This is why I don’t really want to buy anything other than a few primers, I already don’t use all that other stuff so I don’t need make a large purchase and not use it.

My whole point to this is why do we need to have so many products to help us stay beautiful? I’m a week shy of twenty-six years old. The only thing that I was wish was different about my face is my the size of my pores. But I’m not really concerned about it enough to go and purchase a $30 bottle of cream that’s supposed to help diminish the size of said pores. Whenever the subject was brought back up, the consultant said that I was my biggest complaint. I’m thinking, not really, but if that’s what you’re gonna use to try to get me to buy something then good luck. Society has made this big deal about how you have to buy all this stuff to make yourself look beautiful and young. I thought that being old was something to be proud of. Doesn’t wisdom come with age? Don’t you get more respect whenever you lived longer and gone through the things that life has to throw at you? I’m not saying that you shouldn’t take care of your face, skin, and body, but I am saying that we shouldn’t have to go to such lengths and spend so much money on achieving that goal. I’m not saying that make up is a bad thing. I do feel better about myself whenever I feel like I don’t look like a middle school kid. I just think that it’s not necessary to cause damage to your face by trying to help it.


What are your thought on the subject? Let me know in the comments below.



Me after the make-over

3 thoughts on “What does it mean to be Beautiful.

  1. Dana you look pretty in the picture after your makeup but I think you are Beautiful just the way you are. Make up and Beauty products should be used as something That makes you feel happy or as your expression!! Kind of like people have tattoos for expression or Art. I don’t have anything against tattoos cause I think alot of designs can be Beautiful, just not for me. No one should ever wear makeup or body art just to make them feel Beautiful. God already gave that to us! Just always be yourself and enjoy what makes you happy ;)
    I have always loved makeup, from the time I was little til now. But now I try not to wear as much as I did because the more you wear it the older your skin gets. That’s wear the rest of the cleaning and moisturizing comes in. I truly believe if you never get hooked into wearing makeup the better off your skin will look when you’re older. Great post Dana and Yay for you for sticking to your beliefs and not purchasing something you would not use!!!!

  2. I love you, Beautiful sister.
    I don’t always wear makeup, but when just I do I use my $250 airbrush makeup kit. I love it. :)

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