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Pin of the Week # 11 -Infinity Scarf

Pin of the Week

Happy October Everyone! This is one of my favorite months. I love how everything is so crisp; The apples, the leaves, and the air. And it’s my birthday month too. :) Right now everything around Northwest Arkansas is still pretty green because all of the rain we got this year, which is ok. I thought that we were going to have an early fall because I found a fallen leaf that was showing fall colors, but there hasn’t been a drastic change yet.
For this week’s pin, I picked something that I just finished. It’s a chevron infinity scarf (cowl). The original pin is from Cre8tion Crochet. She has the pattern for the cowl and I think that it’s easy to understand. I did end up have some trouble because one side of the cowl had a mind of it’s own. I had to fill in a good about after I finished with the main part, but you can’t even tell what I did.
Infinity Scarf

Since it’s going to start getting colder sooner than what I want it to, it’s probably time to pull out my favorite Pea coat and fix the buttons that have been hanging by a thread or two since the last two winter seasons. I should clean it too, but I probably won’t. :)


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