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Pin Of The Week #12 -Steam-punk Disney Costumes

Pin of the Week

This week’s P.O.T.W. is going to be nerdy and fun. Really I’m being lazy because it was my 26th birthday on Monday and I haven’t gotten back into the swing of things.

There are currently 772 pins on my geek board; which makes it my biggest board. I’ve been considering dividing it up to were I have a Disney board, a Lord of the Rings Board, and a Doctor Who Board, but maybe later whenever I have the time to be able to move¬†everything around.

Since Halloween is approaching, it’s good to get some ideas for a costume. I do not celebrate Halloween, but I do like to dress up and ask strangers for candy :)

Here are some fun takes on some classic characters. I think that it’s really cool to see how people take a costume and make it steam-punk. (If you don’t know what steam-punk is, check out this article!)











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