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About My Birthday and Best Friends

If you live in Northwest Arkansas you might have notice the crazy amount of rain we’ve been getting. It’s October and we’ve everything is still pretty green. Which makes me uneasy about how the coming winter will be, but maybe it won’t be horrible. I would love to be at home, curled up on the couch with a warm blanket, a cup of tea or warm apple cider, and a good book. That or watch the Fellowship of the Ring.


Josh and I at my birthday dinner

Last Monday was my birthday and or course I took off of work for it. But sadly I also decided to do responsible things like; Go to the lovely Department of Motor Vehicles (the DMV), Pay for my personal property tax, and go to the dentist for my six month teeth cleaning. Thankfully everything went pretty well on all fronts. I will need to have some work done some of my teeth, but I already knew that. After my cleaning I had to go to Rick’s Bakery and get a birthday cake. And the girl was very sweet, because she took a chocolate covered strawberry off of a cupcake for me because they didn’t have any ones that I could have purchased.


Rick’s Bakery birthday cake.

I also bought one of those cool Kavu shoulder bags. I also started on my costume for Halloween. I plan on being Queen Elsa from the newest Disney movie Frozen. Since I’m sorta a hipster, I’m making Elsa’s coronation dress instead of her ice dress.


Elsa dress for me-In Progress

My favorite birthday(ish) present was one of my best friends, Wendy, came from Memphis, TN to see me! Well… not just me. Me and my other best friend, Michelle. They also know me pretty well because they got me a lot of Doctor Who and British stuff.

The three of us have been friends since 2007, when we all started going to Ecclesia College. We had some rocky times, but they say that if you stay friends for seven years then you’ll be friends for life! Yay!! :D I know that I’ve been incredibly blessed to have these two amazing women in my life, and I can’t imagine growing old without them!

Michelle, Me, and Wendy


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