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Pin of the Week #14 -Grilled Portabella Mushrooms

Pin of the Week

This week I bring you a recipe for some yummy fungus. Grilled Portabella Mushrooms from Cully’s Kitchen.

46c659c1a02e9681f3c82d291d206313 Pic from Cully’s Kitchen[/caption]
While I was preparing these, one of my friends commented that it looked like poop. Which I would have said dirt, but the important thing is that is was poop or dirt but a mushroom. This recipe calls for you to grill the mushrooms; due to unforeseen circumstances with the grill, I ended up cooking them on the stove top. It’s a very filling meal, at a very low cost. I added some avocado to mine for extra flavor.

If you remember a few weeks ago I said that my husband Josh had gotten a job at a local IT company. I then changed my statement to say that he almost had the job because I spoke too soon. Well…I really had spoken too soon. Things happened (not his fault) to where he ended up not getting that job, which really sucked because we had found out that his current place of business was shutting down and he would be without a job within the next few months. Josh was able to get an interview at another IT/Printing company last week, and yesterday they told him that he had the job! That was a hallelujah moment for sure. This will get him away from manual labor work and into a position that he will be able apply what he’s learning in college, and hopefully will be able to find his career. All that to say, I am very proud of my husband for all of the work that he’s been putting in to his work and school to be able to make a better life for us and our future family! :)


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