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The Art of Blogging

I’ve figured something about myself…I don’t like reading things online. I realize how crazy that sounds coming from someone that blogs, but it’s not the same as reading from an actual book. This is the main reason why my blog posts aren’t that long, that and I don’t write that much unless I have something to talk about. I’m ok with reading two to three paragraphs on the computer, but after that it’s hard to stay focused. As far as writing goes, it’s kinda the same thing. Unless I have a topic that I feel strongly about, or if I feel like just ranting about something, I’m not likely to write more than a few paragraphs. I’ve been looking up different writing prompts to see if that would give me any ideas about figuring out something to say, but most of them seem shallow to me. They also seem to have you give away personal information that I don’t really care to share with the entire world, or at least that I don’t think that the world would be very interested in reading. It’s not that I don’t think that I’m important or anything, I just know that there are tons of things that people should be spending their time on other than reading what my favorite dream has been, or how my first kiss was.

There are those people that can get behind a certain cause and talk about it till there blue in the face, or fingers. But for me right now, I’m just going about my life. Since my husband and I haven’t started to expand our little family, I can’t talk about how I’ve chosen to do a home-birth. Or how I’m totally for cloth diapering and how disgusting it is, but I know that it’s gonna be worth it in the long run. Since we still live in an apartment, I can’t talk about how I repainted those ugly cabinets, or how I created a wonderful shelving unit in the closet. Some day I will have those things and be to blog about them to my hearts content. But for now I just have me, and I’m selfish and don’t really want to share me with the world. ;) I know that’s not a very good incentive to keep on reading my blog, but it’s who I am. And I don’t really want to have to change to fit some mold. I don’t bend well to the ways of others.

I guess I did find a cause that I can get behind…. Me! :)




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