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30-Day Blog Challenge-Day 1


For the month of November I have decided challenge myself to blog once a day, for 30 days. I found this list on Pinterest and thought that it seemed pretty reasonable. My hope in doing this challenge is to get into a state of writing, of putting my thoughts “on paper”, of being able to voice my thoughts instead of keeping them in, and just to be more thoughtful about the whole around me. Even though the things on this list are all about me…hopefully I can make this month about others as well as myself. It is my blog after all! ;) In the famous words of Barney Stinson, “Challenge Accepted”.

Here’s the challenge that I found on Pinterest. Follow along if you want!


Challenge #1- A photo of yourself and a description of how your day was.

IMG_4382.JPG Since I’m publishing this post first thing in the morning, it’s kind of hard to describe how my day has been. This is a photo from yesterday. Yes, I am dressed up as Queen Elsa from Frozen. It was Halloween and I am not one to miss an opportunity to wear a cape or cloak! :) My day current has involved me staying in bed for as long as possible because it is below freezing outside and I don’t much feel like venturing from the warmth that has been trapped under the covers with me and my warm-natured husband! The other day I bought some frozen waffles that I’ll probably consume, and make myself either a cup of tea, hot chocolate, or hot apple cider. Not all together though. I want to be warm and a hot beverage would help that, but I am not that cold. Whenever it’s cold, my body has the tendency to shut down and go into a sort of hibernation mode. Contraire to popular belief…the cold does bother me. (Get it? Because I was Elsa)

I know that today would be the perfect day to tidy up my craft room from the two frozen dresses that I’ve made over the past month. I probably will need to have some place to store all of the costumes that I’ve made. It’s probably not a good idea to stuff them in a box until I have need for them again. I think that will have to wait until we have a house instead of an apartment. For now I just need to get reorganized.

I changed my mind…Here’s a pic of me this morning.DSC00109



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