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30-Day Blog Challenge- Day 3


Today’s challenge is to talk about my favorite store. Well, I actually have several stores that I enjoy shopping at, and there are those stores that I just window shop and wish that I could have all of the lovely kitchen appliances and cooking things. I think that my favorite store would actually have to be Jo-Ann fabric and craft store.

There have been days that I’ve gone in there more than a normal person should. They have so many different things that I, as a crafter, can use. So many different kinds of fabric for any thing you can think of. I found a little charm that works perfectly for a hobbit door necklace. I’ve gotten a lot of ribbon for various different projects. If you are a crafter and haven’t been to Jo-Ann’s then you need to go! You can use their own coupons from their app, or from the fliers and mail-outs that they offer. They also take competitors coupons too! Stop by and check out all of the possibilities that are there for crafting!


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