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30-Day Blog Challenge- Day 4

30 Day Blog Challenge

30 Day Blog Challenge

Today’s challenge is to show your favorite photo of your best friend.
I actually have two women that I consider to be my best friends. (I would also like to say that my husband is my best friend as well, but he’s a boy and there are just some things that better shared with a girl!)


Michelle, Me, and Wendy

I’ve talked about them before on this blog, but I can talk about them some more. :) We all met at college, and at first we weren’t all friends. But through the joys and struggles that college life has to offer we three became very close. I am sad to say that our dear Wendy lives in the far away place of Memphis, TN where we don’t get to see and hang out with her awesomeness nearly enough. Michelle and I are constantly trying to come up with a way to get her to move back to Northwest Arkansas, but nothing has worked so far. Michelle does lives in Northwest Arkansas so it makes things like going window shopping at the mall and questioning the current fashion trends a lot easier. These two have poured so much into my life and I hope that I’ve done the same for them! And I hope that our future children will also be really good friends and have epic adventures together! :)




Me and Michelle


Wendy and Michelle


Me, Wendy, and Michelle


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