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30-Day Blog Challenge- Day 6

30 Day Blog Challenge

30 Day Blog Challenge

Our Wedding, Superhero Reveal

Our Wedding, Superhero Reveal

Since I’ve been married for over two years now, it’s a little late to have my dream wedding. There are things that I would have changed if I could go back in time, but it doesn’t matter any more. Something that I would have liked to do was to have more nerdy things in our wedding. There could have been a lot of things from The Lord of the Rings that I could have incorporated into a wedding. I could have also done stuff from Star Wars, Star Trek, Disney, Superhero stuff, and Doctor Who, but sadly I wasn’t brave enough to actually go full nerd at the wedding. Here are some people that actual did go full nerd and I think that their wedding looked beautiful!



Nerd Wedding Cake


Batman Wedding Cake


Doctor Who Wedding Bouquet


Doctor Who Bridesmaids Gifts


Doctor Who Wedding


A Lord of The Rings Wedding Reception


A Lord of the Rings Wedding


A Harry Potter Wedding


A Settlers of Catan Wedding Reception

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