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30 Day Blog Challenge- Day 9

30 Day Blog Challenge

30 Day Blog Challenge

Day 9’s challenge was to take a picture of the last thing that I purchased. Since the last thing that I purchased was a package of English Muffins and a Sprite, I thought that I should do the things that I purchased before that. Yesterday before the Doctor Day at the library, I went to the NWA Boutique Show. One of the vendors that was there was also at the War Eagle craft fair. They had some hand-made shoulder bags there that I liked, but didn’t really need to buy at that time. You know how they say if you aren’t sure if you want something to leave and if you end up coming back to it that means that you can get it. :)


Over the Shoulder Bag from Picking Poppys

I got a navy blue chevron over the shoulder bag with a pink, polka-dot inner lining. I love all of the pockets that it has. Thanks to Picking Poppys for this awesome bag!


Tea, Spice Mix, and Rice from The Spice & Tea Exchange

After the event was done at the library, I jumped over to The Spice & Tea Exchange by the Bentonville square. This is one pretty cool store! They have a lot of different kinds of sugars, salts, peppers, spices, and teas. If you’ve ever watched the NBC TV show Grimm, you’ll notice that they visit a spice shop a lot. Now this spice shop doesn’t have all of the crazy things in it, but it makes me think of that shop. I ended up getting a loose leaf Earl Grey tea, a Backwoods Hickory Rub Spice Blend, and Bamboo Green Rice. I’m really excited to try the Bamboo rice. It looks like it tastes good. :)


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