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30 Day Blog Challenge- Day 13

30 Day Blog Challenge

30 Day Blog Challenge

The challenge I am faced with today is to talk about my favorite musician and why. This might be challenge that I won’t be able to complete to it’s fullest. The style of music that I like has changed so much over the twenty-six years of my life. Right now though I currently have a Pandora radio station that I really like. It’s my Of Monsters and Men station that also features songs from Mumford & Sons, Lana Del Rey, MGMT, The Black Keys, Vampire Weekend, The Lumineers, Walk Off The Earth, Imagine Dragons, and Avicii. It’s kind of a folk/indie mix but not as hipster. haha

As my Facebook friends saw yesterday, I made some yummy, Arkansas state shaped brownies with white and red chocolate drizzled over it. Not only were they super cute, but they tasted pretty good!

Arkansas State Brownies

Arkansas State Brownies


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