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30 Day Blog Challenge- Day 26

30 Day Blog Challenge

30 Day Blog Challenge

I’m getting so close to finishing this month’s challenge! Today’s challenge is to think back to how I was 5 years ago and how much have I changed since then. This is going to be a fun one!

So 5 years ago was 2009. In October I would have turned 21 years old and I did not have the customary alcoholic drink. I had met my husband, but we weren’t dating at the time. I actually think that I didn’t like him because he had broken up with me. I had graduated from Ecclesia College and was working on staff there. I was an RA of one of the girls housing and I was the assistant to the president’s secretary. Since I had graduated only three years before that, I still had that homeschool kid mindset so I was still easy to take advantage of. (Not all homeschoolers are like that, but I was just very trusting of people and there were those that thought it would be fun to play around with that.)  I know that in these past five years I’ve grown up a lot and I’m no longer that shy, homeschooled, kid that was afraid to stand up for herself. In between now and then I’ve had a few relationships that I haven’t been too proud of (but I learned from), I’ve lost a job, I’ve switched jobs, I’ve gotten married, I’ve moved several times, and I’ve accepted myself for who I am.

I wouldn’t change the things that have happened to me for anything. I learned so much and I’m very thankful for the people that I’ve surrounded myself with. :)


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