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30 Day Blog Challenge-Day 27

30 Day Blog Challenge

30 Day Blog Challenge

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Today my husband and I got to go down to my parents house for Thanksgiving lunch. I am very thankful that my parents that don’t live far away because I wouldn’t like having to drive for hours just to see them. We had your typical Thanksgiving fare, turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, cream corn, green bean casserole, and pumpkin pie. I have to say that I ended up having a giant food baby in my tummy. I love coming back to my parent’s house, I mean it used to be my home for the majority of my life. But there’s just this sense of calm that I get as I come down the drive-way. :)

For today’s challenge I’m supposed to put my iPod on shuffle and list the first ten songs. Well…my iPod is 10 years old and won’t stay on unless it’s plugged into a power supply. So I’m actually going to do this with one of my Pandora stations. I will be using my Of Monsters and Men station for this.

1. King and Lionheart by Of Monsters and Men

2. Shake It Out by Florence & The Machine

3. Promises (Skrillex & Nero Remix) by Nero

4. Lisztomania by Phoenix

5. Somebody That I Used To Know (Feat. Kimba)  by Gotye

6. Come With Me Know by Kongos

7. Sail by Awolnation

8. Leave By Body by Florence & The Machine

9. Rolling In The Deep by The Piano Guys

10. Raging Fire by Phillip Phillips

There you have it! Most of those I have given a thumbs up on Pandora but some are just ones that they threw in there because they were similar to everything else that I have on that station. As much as I use Pandora I should probably subscribe to Pandora1… but not just yet. :)


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