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30 Day Blog Challenge- Day 28

30 Day Blog Challenge

30 Day Blog Challenge

Day 28’s challenge asks me what is my favorite movie. Haha! I would hope that if you guys have been keeping up with these posts this month that you would already know the answer to that question. But…just in case you haven’t been paying attention or if this is your first time reading my blog, I’ll let you know.

My all time favorite movie is The Lord of the Rings.  But Dana, that’s three movies! Shh!! You know nothing! If the book The Lord of the Rings is one book in three parts, then that can be said the same of the movie! Now I do have other movies that i really like but none of them top LOTR! Out of the 250 top movies from IMDB’s wedsite, I have seen 66 of them. I’m ok with that.

I really like Beauty and the Beast, A Little Princess, Pitch Perfect, and Stardust. There are many more movies that I like, but there are a lot a trilogies that I like too. They just released the first trailer of the new Star Wars movie coming out next December, and I have to say that I am super excited about! I really like what JJ Abrams has done with the Star Trek series and I think that he’s  going to do a good job with the Star Wars series. :)


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