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Trying another new thing

Sunday's LessonHi everyone, I’m back! Well, really I didn’t actually go anywhere, well I’m in Memphis, TN right now but that’s not what I mean. After a month of constant posting, I really needed a break. If you guys can think back to before my 30 day blog challenge I used to do a random post on Mondays and a Pin of the Week on Wednesdays. Now I want to start doing three posts a week. I’ll still keep P.O.T.W. on Wednesdays and I’ll move my random posts to Fridays, but on Mondays I want to talk about what I’ve learned from the previous day at church. I’m hoping that this will get me to pay more attention to the lesson that’s being taught and to think about everything that’s being said. I just have this feeling that even though I take note on the service, I’m not really soaking up the message. I also want to give you guys a chance to possible learn something new or you can totally ignore my Monday posts all together, but it’ll be your lose.

Like I said before, this weekend I’ve been in Memphis, TN with my best friend, Michelle (and her husband), visiting my other best friend, Wendy (and her husband). On Sunday morning we visited their church and helped out with children’s church. The lesson was about the Roman centurion from Luke 7:1-10. This is how the story goes… Jesus was probably having a normal day and a Roman centurion (a general in modern day terms) came up to Jesus. He asked him if he would heal his sick servant. Now this guy had heard about the works of healing that Jesus had been doing in the area, remember that this was the time of the great Roman Empire and they were occupying Israel as well as most of Europe. The centurion told Jesus that if he commanded one of his men to do something he would do it. He knew a thing or two about power and what to do with it, I mean this guy had tons of men that he had under his command. He also recognized the same power in Jesus. Even though the centurion wanted Jesus to heal his servant, he didn’t want him to come to his house because he wasn’t worth of such an honor. Instead he had the faith to ask Jesus to just heal him with a word where they were, so that whenever the centurion returned home the servant would be healed. Now this guy wasn’t a Jew. He wasn’t familiar with the teaching of the law or any of the prophecies that had been told about Jesus’ coming. So his faith was the only thing that he had to go on, and Jesus saw that! Jesus healed the servant because this random Roman centurion had enough faith and believe that Jesus could do this amazing miracle. I think that we should be showing the same about of faith, if not more, to Jesus, and trust him to provide for our needs!


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