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My reaction to something

So I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before to you guys but I was homeschooled. K-12. I never wanted to go to public school, but that was just because of my personality. Even now that I’m older, I’m still glad that I didn’t go to public school. Today I read a blog post from a mom that homeschools her children and the reaction that she gave to the very common questions that homeschooler face almost every time they go out in public, “Why aren’t your kids in school”.

Please read this post from Sarah Modersohn over at Little Learning Lovies. The way she handles the situation that she writes about is amazing. I think that if more people reacted the way that she did, people would realize that the people that choose to homeschool their child aren’t ignorant, but are extremely caring and just want what’s best for their children. This post has definitely help my decision to homeschool my future children. You should also read the comments because those are pretty uplifting too. :)


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