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About Christmas

Sunday's LessonI will be honest with everyone… I did not go to church yesterday. But that doesn’t mean that I was a heathen! I wanted to talk about Christmas. I know most people think that Jesus was born in December, but I’m pretty sure that he was born in the Spring. Possibly April. It doesn’t say in the Bible what time of the year he was born, but from the research that people have done, it seems like he was born around the spring.  Even though Jesus wasn’t born around Christmas that doesn’t that we can’t remember his birth and the reason why he even came to this world.

If you didn’t know, there is sin in the world! That happened thousands of years ago so there isn’t anything that we can do about that now. And since we live in the world and are a part of it, we have sin in us. God wants us, His creation, to come be with Him in Heaven when we die. But since God can’t be associated with anything that has sin in it we can’t actually go to Heaven as is (meaning how we currently are).

BUT, there is Good News!!!! 

God sent his perfect son, Jesus, to this sin filled world, to live a life like anyone else would have lived, except… he was without sin. In those days there had to be a sacrifice of a perfect, spotless lamb to cleanse the sins of the nation of Israel. Jesus was that spotless lamb! He didn’t have to die to be able to cleanse the ENTIRE world of it’s sin, but he did! Now we have a way to enter into heaven as spotless creatures that God is more than willing to come join Him in this amazing place He’s prepared for us. By accepting Jesus into our hearts as our Lord and Savior we can get to Heaven! Sounds like a pretty sweet deal to me.

That’s the reason why we celebrate the birth of this little boy who would one day save the entire world from a fate worse than death. Oh, and did I mention that we get to spend Eternity with God in Heaven! Yeah, that’s right! I’m gonna live for-Ever!!! :D (In Heaven!!)


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