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The Aftermath

I hope that everyone had amazing Christmas. Josh and I got to spend Christmas Eve with his family and Christmas day with my family. It’s interesting to look at the deference between the two sides. I’ve only been a part of Josh’s family for three years and I’ve heard most of the family stories, but with my side of the family I’m part of those stories. It was also good to heard all of the new stories that everyone had. I also got to see my cousin’s new baby. I got to hold her as well, and she was so cute. She ended up keeping her little mouth on my hand and drooling on me. I tried to get Josh into a baby mood but it didn’t work.


Christmas Cookies


For the gifts for my family I ended up making cookies for everyone. (I will be sharing these recipes on a P.O.T.W.) But now that Christmas is over I am ready to not have any more sweets! Well not really, but at least keep things not at sweet for a while. I’ve thought about trying a diet of some type, but then I remember that I don’t really like dieting. It’s not really my style. What I can do is start eating smarter because I don’t really like to work out. The best thing that I can think of is to start shopping better at the store. That should help me get into a healthier mood. :)



Best present from my parents. Doctor Who Salt & Pepper set.


Filled up my gasoline tank

Filled up my gasoline tank


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