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Pin of the Week #20- Tiny Houses

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For this week I wanted to show you guys some cool things about tiny houses. Saturday I kinda went a little crazy on researching tiny houses. Even if you aren’t into living in a space that’s under 400 sq ft, there are a lot of smart space saving tips that you can get from these little guys. You really have to get creative which is something that I really like about tiny houses.

A lot of the tiny houses have the bedroom as a loft because beds do take up a lot of space, but there are those that have Murphy beds or beds that can roll under the floor.

Tiny House

Tiny House


You can build the staircase with drawers and shelving underneath,

Tiny House

Tiny House


If you think that you’ll have to get rid of all the modern convinces and normal appliances don’t worry! You can still have a full size kitchen in a tiny house, but there might be a few things that are lightly smaller.

Tiny House

Tiny House


Tiny houses are really good at leaving a smaller energy footprint. They don’t uses as much energy to run and many times can go off grid. This means that there are less emissions that are harming the planet. (If you’re into that sort of thing). Living in a tiny house isn’t for everybody, but I think that it’s definitely something that would be fun to do at some point in my life. :)


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