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New Life

This is gonna be one of those random post kind of days.2015/01/img_4564.jpg

Like these coloring pages I did tonight because I was bored.

One of the girls at my work had her baby on Monday night. She got to bring him for his first visit. I get to see new born babies all the time because I work at a pediatric clinic. But seeing a friend’s new baby was so much more special! I didn’t get to hold him, but he was perfect! And he had a full head of air. I can’t wait to have a baby of my own! (Which will still be a while.) Another thing that I get to experience at the clinic is sick kiddos. I had a poor sick little girl throw-up in front of my desk. Since I don’t have a kid of my own, I still have a pretty big gag reflex and I wasn’t able to be up there until one of my coworkers was able to get everything cleaned up. The dad of the little girl said that he was the same way until he had kids of his own. Hopefully that will be true whenever I have children of my own.

Tomorrow I go on a tiny road trip to see my grandparents. I shall be joined by my dad and my sister. My dad is into the tiny house movement as well, so we’re gonna talk them on the trip. My best friend think that if I build one then I might truly get it out of my system. I think that it’ll actually make the desire to have one go deeper. :) I probably should go to bed though because I’m driving tomorrow. But I can’t just stop watching 101 Dalmatians on Netflix!



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