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Healthy Choices

I would just like to say that I am so glad that it’s the weekend. I thought that this week would never end.

On the second of this month I made the decision to stop drinking soda. This does not count as a resolution! Because those things can be broken so easily. And thankfully it was an easy choice to make. It’s like a switch flipped in my brain that I shouldn’t be drinking soda anymore. I did end up having a cup of root beer a week later and it tasted funky to me. Which is a really good thing.  I did the same thing two years ago with Mountain Dew. Something just clicked to where I knew that I needed to stop drinking my all time favorite soda that I was totally addicted to. After a week of not drinking it I tried it again, and it was completely disgusting. Which again, was a really good thing.  I really hope that this will make me feel better and hopefully help me lose some weight. Mostly because I don’t like working out. It’s not really my thing (and yes, I did try it).

I’m also trying not to eat after 8:30 pm, or 9 pm. Like tonight Josh and I went out on a date night and didn’t finish until 9. Late night snacking is not good for trying to lose weight from what I’m told. I’ve managed to not eat after 8:30 pm this whole week (not including tonight).

This other good thing about not drinking soda…It’ll save me a lot of money! I don’t actually keep track of my spending, but I think that I’m gonna save a good chunk of change by making this healthy choice! :)

(Sorry for the spelling mistakes! I typed this post whenever I was pretty tired, so my brain didn’t want to spell correctly!)

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