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My Relationship with…Food

I think that most of you will have figured out that I like food. Today at lunch I got to stop by my favorite food truck. The Baller Food Truck. Everything that they make is cooked into a ball. Josh and I shared their Hog Ball (pulled pork bbq), the Turkey Ball (turkey & stuffing), and then a Hashbrown Casserole Ball (<–).

Right now I’m watching the finale of The Taste on Hulu+. I know that from watching any cooking show that I don’t really want to compete in something that big. And the things that they actually have to cook, one, I’ve never heard of, and two, I don’t think that I would like to actually eat the stuff that they make. I really want to be able to cook and eat really well, but most of the time I just cook up some small shell pasta and add some cheese and milk. Homemade mac n’ cheese. I  do sometimes get a little more fancy than that, but not that much.

I am happy to report that I’ve been able to not drink any soda this week, and I haven’t eaten after 8:30 pm this week. I’m starting to feel better health wise too! :)


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