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Prayer, Persistent Prayer

Sunday’s lesson was something that I have to admit that I don’t do enough. Like I struggle with it! But I think that it’s good whenever the lesson makes you uncomfortable. It’s makes you realize what you need to change and correct it!

Prayer is our way to communicate with our God. We don’t have to go to a priest to be able to tell our creator what’s on our mind.

God is a Relational Being. 

God is Personal being that desires a relationship with you.

Jesus continually talks about prayer.

-Prayer changes the one who prays. (Matthew 26:36-40 & Psalm 37)

-Prayer changes things in this world. (2 Chronicles 20 & James 5:16-18)

-Prayer changes things in the world that we cannot see. (Daniel 10 & 2 Kings 6:15-18)

Something that’s pretty easy to figure out from reading the gospels is that Jesus commands us to pray and never give up.

Determined Persistence in Prayer= Faith

And keep this in mind…

Our Short Term Problems are NOTHING in the light of Eternity! 


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