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Like a Child

Sorry this is a day late everyone! My Monday kinda ran away on me, and there is no getting it back! :)

Sunday’s lesson is about child like faith.  Jesus says that if you have the faith of a child then you will enter into the Kingdom of God. Though if you think about, The Kingdom of God must be entered by dependent children. 

Have you ever been dependent on someone? Have you ever needed someone to help you do anything? To help feed you, cloth you, and bath you? Oh course we all were like that whenever we were kids, but whenever we become adults we’re so focused on doing everything for ourselves we forget to depend on God for those needs.

The Kingdom belongs to the nobodies, to those who do not approach it based on the our merits, but with childlike dependence of God.  Luke 18:15-17

Now this next part doesn’t apply to me, but it will at some point.

Are we willing to bring our children to Jesus? Do we want them to know Jesus? The primary responsibility of a parent is to help our kids know Jesus. 1 Corinthians 1:27-29

One of my friends showed me a video of her three year old daughter singing a song that she learned at church. It’s seeing stuff like that  that makes me so happy that people chose to teach those precious, impressionable minds about the love of God.

Our society has a problem… We are prone to Independence.  

Sin is essentially independence from God. We look to things for our own independence, but those things end up making us miserable.

“We buy things we don’t need with money we don’t have to impress people we don’t like.” Dave Ramsey

If you think about it, Our default mode is Independence. We are more needy than we realize. What have you been depending on other than Jesus for you identity, value, and worth?




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