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Pin of the Week #24- Recycled Headboard

Pin of the Week

A few weeks ago I was able to salvage some crate wood from the almost dumpster. By that I mean that I saw a guy carrying out a bunch of wood to the dumpster and I ran after him before he could reach it to claim some free wood. Surprisingly I was able to fit a lot of wood into my tiny Yaris. Now what are you gonna do with all that wood that you have no where to work on it? I’ll show you! :D

I saw this cool idea for a headboard and thought that’s something that I can easily make (with the help of my awesome dad). I remembered reading how much work it was to take part pallet and crate wood, but I had no idea it would be such a pain in the butt! (Pardon my French!)

Here is my version of it.



IMG_4615I really like the little cell phone shelf that we made. It’s really easy to have it right next to our heads so we don’t have to have it on the bed under our pillow where it could possibly catch fire or something like that!





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