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P.O.T.W. To Return…Next Week

Hi everyone! Sorry that I didn’t get to show my pin of the week today. And I had a pin picked out too.

Since Josh is away for the week I wanted to surprise him whenever he came home by having our bedroom painted. But Dana, you just spilled the beans because you said it online for everyon (and Josh) to read. Well I ended up telling him because I didn’t want to pick a color that would end up hating. Whenever we first moved into our apartment we painted the bedroom a light blue. (Ye,s we can paint our walls! Totally Awesome!) unfortunately the paint ended up separating before we could get everything finished and we had two different shades of blue on our walls. We attempted to fix it by getting the same color from the store again, but it ended up being a slightly different shade. So I did my best to make it look like it was just a boarder around the top and around the doors, but it wasn’t the best looking paint job you’ve ever seen! 

So all that to say, I am tired of looking at a crappy paint job that’s been there for two and a half years and decided it was time to fix it. We went with a light gray so we could keep our bedding set. I think that the color looks pretty good! And Josh apporves over FaceTime! :)


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