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A Wee Little Man

Sunday's LessonIf you grew up in the church you probably learned the song about Zaccheaus. He was a tax collector, and if you remember from a previous post, tax collectors weren’t very popular. If you read the story found in Luke 19:1-10, you’ll find that Zaccheaus had a big hole in his soul that he was trying to fill with…something.

The main three things that we can get from the story is:

1. A Sinner in Need.  Luke 19:1-4

Christ saves the desperate sinner, not the person that has is all together. Christ saves the lost, not the found.

2. A Savior Who Cares. Luke 19: 5

Jesus makes the first move by coming to us sinners and offered himself to us.

3. An Amazing Salvation. Luke 19:6-10

Zaccheaus becomes a new man. He basically made a full turn around. Not only did he give away Half of his possessions, but he also repaid all those that he had wronged four times what he had taken. That’s what the power of Christ can do! It can completely change any person from the sinful life that they were leading and make them into a new creation.  That’s pretty awesome in my mind!


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