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Pin of the Week #32- Clouds

Pin of the Week

Last week I talked about allergies and thankfully I’m finally getting to where I can breath again. Even though I really like Spring pollen isn’t something that I’m a fan of. I was able to pick up some honey from a local vender at the Farmer’s Market this past weekend. Hopefully that will help my body get used to all of the pollen that’s permeated Northwest Arkansas!


Something that I do like about Spring is the rain. Or more accurately the storms. For this week’s Pin of the Week I thought that I would show you some cute weather themed things. Most of this stuff is baby related, but I can’t help but pin cute weather baby things because my husband is a storm chaser. Whenever we have a baby of our ow, I want to make Josh a diaper bag with fabric that has little tornadoes all over it. It looks really cool in my mind!

Cloud Moblie

Cloud Moblie

Cloud Rug


Cloud String Art



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