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Beautiful Weekend

I have a feeling that these summary post aren’t going to work out. And yes, I have determined that after only actually doing one of them! I made a promise to myself that I would never post whenever I was angry about something. And it’s not a good idea to blog whenever you’ve consumed alcohol. I make mistakes whenever I blog anyway, so whenever I’m under the influence of adult drinks I really can’t write. That means that if I had a bad week and had a beer or two then I really don’t need to be writing about anything!

This week was really good…which is why I’m writing right now. A shopping trip is a really good way to end a week. And by shopping I mean walking around the mall and question why the current fashions are the way they are. And also wondering why there are so many teeny boppers that are wondering around the mall with their parent’s money and no parent. This is why everyone needs at least one really, really good friend that you can do this with. You need some one that shares the same opinions that you have so you can say that your own children will not be like that. (I hope at least.)

Finding gems at resale shops is really great too! I found a pair of Chacos and an awesome sweater that I made into a cardigan. All under $40! Score!! :D      


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