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Another Pause/Being Intentional

Sunday's LessonConfession time… I did not go to church yesterday. *Gasp* But the world didn’t end! I did think about some kinda deep stuff though.

Whenever you go about your daily life, How much attention are you paying to the things around you? I know that I end up just skimming my Facebook news-feed and don’t focus on the things people are saying. I’ll watch the occasional video or read a post that’s more than a few sentences long, but that’s it. Whenever someone asks people to pray about,  I don’t end up praying for them. Yes that’s very sad, but it’s also very true. I asked for prayer the other day but I didn’t really expect people to actually take two minutes out of their probably not so busy lives to actually speak out the request to God.

Is this what we’re becoming? We shorten our prayers to include as little real conversation as possible because we don’t like talking to thin air? We have to start being intentional about what we do, about what we say, and even about what we think. You may never know the impact that you’ll have on someone’s life. And sometimes, it’s ok not to know. None of this should be for our own credit or glory. That’s all for King Jesus and the All-Mighty Father to have. We’re just here for His glory anyway! If we don’t do what we’re commanded to do (pray for each other) than why are we even here?


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