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Sunday's LessonIf you grew up in the church you should be familiar with the taking of communion and what it represents. Whether you take it every week, once a month, or once a year, it’s something that can easily
become common place. I know that for me the story of Jesus dying on the cross to save me from sin is something that I’ve heard all my life. And there have been many, many times that I just take the communion elements and don’t think anything about what it represents. If you’re in the same boat as me and need something to steer you back in the right direction, here are some things that I found to be helpful from Sunday’s lesson.

1. We must remember what God has done on our behalf and how it impacts the way we live our life today.

2. We must remember that we come to the table as new creations.

3. We should renew our commitment to God.

We should come willing to confess sins and be willing to renew our commitment to pursue Jesus, and seek God’s face as His beloved children.


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