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Individual Decisons

Happy Monday Everyone!

So we’re still going through the book of Luke at church…which is probably why I haven’t been posting anything because I feel like I’ve already posted a lot about this part of the story.

There are other things that can be pulled from the lesson other than the crucifixion story though.

If you remember Jesus’ sermon on the mount, He talked about forgiveness in the Lords Prayer. Jesus ended up living out what he taught whenever he was on the cross. He forgave those that crucified him. In most movies now-a-days if a person dies or almost dies they have to “pay back” whoever did that to them. But Jesus chose to forgive them while he was hanging on the cross. If Jesus can forgive those people, why do we have such a hard time forgiving those that have done little, tiny things in comparison to us. Every single one of us is participating in the crucifixion because it’s our sins that put Jesus on that cross. We’re no better than the next guy!

Individual decisions make up the norms of our culture. We individually choose to forgive or not forgive. We individually choose to eat a whole pizza or eat two slices. We are responsible for the individual choices that we make, but we are also responsible for how those choices effect others. Jesus individually chose to not cave-in whenever the choice of the cross was before him. That was an individual decision that effected the entire world!

I know that it’s easy for parents to see how easily their actions effect people because so often their children mimic them. But for those of us that don’t see the impact that we have on others, we have to be very conscience about those choices that we make on a daily basis.


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