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Slightly Broken

Sunday's LessonHappy  Monday, Readers!

Something that I got out of Sunday’s lesson from Psalm 51 is that God wants our broken hearts. We don’t Have to be perfect for Him to take us. Just like how an earthly father holds his child that just got dumped by someone, our Heavenly father wants to hold us in our time of need (and all the other times too).

This is totally one of those times for me and my husband. Short story…We are down to one income currently. Hopefully some day that won’t be a problem, but at this point in our lives it wasn’t part of the “plan”. But how often do things really go according to plan? This is definitely one of those times where we just have to let our Heavenly father hold us and provide for us in this time of need.

I’ll let you know when a change happens! But on a lighter note, I’m going to WordCamp Fayetteville this weekend! :D Looks like I’m going solo, so I’ll probably have to come out of my shell and actually meet people.


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