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Salvation: Inexpressible Joy

Happy Tuesday Peeps.

Yesterday was a day of change for Josh and I. I started working at the main clinic again and Josh started working at a large trucking corporation. Even though he’s only had one day of orintation and zero training on his actual job, he thinks that he’ll be staying with this business for a very long time. Yay! :)

I’m very glad that he is going to be working at a place that will appreicate him and reward him for the work he’ll be doing. I finally feel that we’re starting to be adults. We’re becoming more established. Now we just need to start having kids and buy a house. :)

We have finished our little transition period of Psalms and have now moved on to the book of 1 Peter. Like a lot of the other letters in the New Testement, Peter is writing to encourage the believers of a new church. He wants them to hang in there because he knows how great the reward is. [1 Peter 4:12-13]

Our salvation has been given to us as an inheritance.

-It requires a new beginning. v3

-It results in a living hope. v3

-It’s guaranteed. v4
Our salvation is Imperishable. It is Undefiled. It is Unfading. [Romans 8:17]
Our response to our salvation is joy.
I. Trials prove our faith is genuine.

II. Trials deepen us.

III. Trials are necessary in order to equip us for the ministry that we are called to.
Trials are where he prepares his counselors. Instead of asking why did this happen to me, ask how. How can He use these trials to produce good things for His ultimate glory.

I know a lot of that was a basic outline, but I feel bad about not getting this to you guys sooner. I hope that you’re able to take these few things and be strengthen by them!


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