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Pin of the Week #49- Mini Cannoli Cream Cups


Happy Wednesday Blog Followers.
This week is an amazing short week for me and I couldn’t be happier. Sometimes you really need a short week to regain your sanity. Last night we had our church small group meet at our apartment. I really enjoy cooking things that will bring people together. Pasta bake is always an easy meal to make. Since we went with an Italian theme, I decided to do the same for dessert.

Meister's ProductionsI found this easy recipe for Mini Cannoli Cups from Cooking with Sugar and I couldn’t be more pleased with the way that they turned out. They were a delicious end to a tasty meal. I think that I’ll have to make another batch some time soon.  

We’ve been meeting as a group for about two months, but we’re already a pretty tight-knit group. I can definitely say that I have been so blessed by everyone in that group. God’s timing with this group has been so perfect. :) 



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